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Trilogy Pack 15ml Beard Oils


Trilogy Pack 15ml Beard Oils
Choose any three from our 15ml beard oil range!

Simply advise of your three formula selections in the message section of our checkout or we will select popular formulas for you.

All oils are made from our traditional formula of naturally blended oils combined with scented fusions of fruit and plant extracts.

Select your fragrances:

No. 1 - The Convict
For the man found guilty of class. Scented fusions of orange sweet, cedarwood, juniperberry, lavender, patchouli, cinnamon bark & rosemary pure essential oils.

No. 2 - The Don
For the man you can rely on. Scented fusions of sandalwood, nutmeg, musk & cedarwood fragrance oils.

No. 3 - The High Roller
For the man who spends freely. Scented fusions of crisp fruits, bergamot, amber & musk fragrance oils.

No. 4 - The Lover
For the man who loves another. Scented fusions of lychee, apple, leather & vanilla fragrance oils.

No. 5 - The Machinist
For the machinery master. Scented fusions of black tea, sandalwood & vanilla fragrance oils.

No. 6 - The Adventurer
For the man who seeks the thrill. Scented fusions of green mandarin, jasmine & cedarwood fragrance oils.

No. 7 - The Bushman
For the man who works on the land. Scented fusions of tobacco blossom, spice, vanilla & dried wood fragrance oils.

No. 8 - The Boss
For the man who makes the decisions. Scented fusions of water mint, violet leaves, nutmeg & musk fragrance oils.

No. 9 - The Banker
For the man who is a certain bet. Scented fusions of green mandarin, nutmeg & tonka bean fragrance oils.

All oils contain a base of blended oils including argan, jojoba, wheat germ, panax ginseng root, avocado, coconut, sunflower seed and rosemary. Each unique fragrance contains the following additional ingredients:
No 1. – Orange sweet, cedarwood, juniperberry, lavender, patchouli, cinnamon bark.
No 2. – Sandalwood, nutmeg, musk, cedarwood.
No 3. – Crisp fruits, bergamot, amber, musk.
No 4. – Lychee, apple, leather, vanilla.
No 5. – Black tea, sandalwood , vanilla.
No 6. – Green mandarin, jasmine, cedarwood.
No 7. – Tobacco blossom, spice, vanilla, dried wood.
No 8. – Water mint, violet leaves, nutmeg, musk.
No 9. – Green mandarin, nutmeg, tonka bean.

Usage: 6-8 drops
Use: daily on clean facial hair

*Always patch test product on skin first

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