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15mL Beard Oil


15mL Beard Oil
Our traditional formula of naturally blended oils combined with scented fusions of fruit and plant extracts.

Select your fragrance:

No. 1 - The Convict
For the man found guilty of class. Scented fusions of orange sweet, cedarwood, juniperberry, lavender, patchouli, cinnamon bark & rosemary pure essential oils.

No. 2 - The Don
For the man you can rely on. Scented fusions of sandalwood, nutmeg, musk & cedarwood fragrance oils.

No. 3 - The High Roller
For the man who spends freely. Scented fusions of crisp fruits, bergamot, amber & musk fragrance oils.

No. 4 - The Lover
For the man who loves another. Scented fusions of lychee, apple, leather & vanilla fragrance oils.

No. 5 - The Machinist
For the machinery master. Scented fusions of black tea, sandalwood & vanilla fragrance oils.

No. 6 - The Adventurer
For the man who seeks the thrill. Scented fusions of green mandarin, jasmine & cedarwood fragrance oils.

No. 7 - The Bushman
For the man who works on the land. Scented fusions of tobacco blossom, spice, vanilla & dried wood fragrance oils.

No. 8 - The Boss
For the man who makes the decisions. Scented fusions of water mint, violet leaves, nutmeg & musk fragrance oils.

No. 9 - The Banker
For the man who is a certain bet. Scented fusions of green mandarin, nutmeg & tonka bean fragrance oils.

All oils contain a base of blended oils including argan, jojoba, wheat germ, panax ginseng root, avocado, coconut, sunflower seed and rosemary. Each unique fragrance contains the following additional ingredients:
No 1. – Orange sweet, cedarwood, juniperberry, lavender, patchouli, cinnamon bark.
No 2. – Sandalwood, nutmeg, musk, cedarwood.
No 3. – Crisp fruits, bergamot, amber, musk.
No 4. – Lychee, apple, leather, vanilla.
No 5. – Black tea, sandalwood , vanilla.
No 6. – Green mandarin, jasmine, cedarwood.
No 7. – Tobacco blossom, spice, vanilla, dried wood.
No 8. – Water mint, violet leaves, nutmeg, musk.
No 9. – Green mandarin, nutmeg, tonka bean.

Usage: 6-8 drops
Use: daily on clean facial hair

*Always patch test product on skin first

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