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The versatility of beard oil

Gregory Lally

In recent articles, the team at IG have revealed the ingredients in our signature blend as well as the benefits behind its application more broadly. In addressing this, it became important to cover off on the versatility of beard oil and the several other purposes it has for application other than on facial hair and skin.

This article will identify some additional uses for your beard oil that may have otherwise not been obvious to you.


Application in your beard
In fear of stating the obvious, beard oil primarily moisturises and hydrates facial hair and skin. Particular to our beard oil, we include a thoughtful blend of argan, jojoba, wheat germ, coconut, sweet almond and avocado which collectively aid in nourishing the hair and skin, creating conditions conducive to hair growth and in the process, tame and style facial hair.


Combat dandruff
A primary ingredient included in our blend is jojoba. In our first blog, we addressed this wonder product known as the “golden liquid wax” which is reputed for its natural moisturising properties and supreme ability to treat, repair and eliminate dry skin and hair. With that in mind, the application to the scalp after showering or cleansing can work to quickly combat and eliminate dandruff.


Alleviate dry skin
An essential progression from its wonders in combatting dandruff, the application of beard oil to dry, weary skin will act as a natural moisturiser, skin toner and an unlikely natural anti-aging candidate. Our signature beard oil blend contains high levels of vitamins A, B, D and E, fatty acids and anti-oxidants in its use of high quality natural oils, where both collectively and in isolation, encourage the circulation of nutrients in and around the skin, rapidly reducing the impacts of dry skin. 


Repair stretch marks
The intrinsic properties of argan, jojoba and sweet almond provide relief in the recovery of scarring associated with rapid growth and weight changes. Argan contains high levels of vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant, known widely for its anti-ageing properties and assistance in the healing skin ailments. The “golden liquid wax” in its ability to emulate regeneration and synthesis also accelerates wound-healing to sooth imperfections, wrinkles and scars. In the case of avocado, the prominence of vitamins B and E work to rejuvenate skin cells and diminish the effects of stretch marks.


Application as a sunscreen
Whilst IG acknowledge this isn’t an appropriate substitute for a TGA or NICNAS approved sun screen, the presence of vitamin E in argan, jojoba, wheat germ and sweet almond oils contained in our beard oil protect hair from extreme damage caused by sun exposure.


Application to pubic hair
Welcome to the 21st century. We take radical measures when it comes to our head and facial hair and the same goes to hair in the most sensitive region of all. Use of beard oil on pubic hair will emulate the same effects as it would to your face, that is, nourishment and condition, all whilst mitigating the causes of ingrown and general irritations.


Protection of head hair from heat styling
If you’re passionate about staying on the all-natural path, beard oil is a suitable alternative to chemically based blow-dry and damaged hair repair products regularly used to assist when blow drying your hair. Like beard oil lacquers facial hair to protect, treat and repair, its application on head hair will safeguard strands from the heat damage often caused when blow drying.


Use in an essential oil diffuser
In the case you use essential oils at home or in the work place to sooth and rejuvenate body and mind, so too can you use our beard oil. Being an all-natural product with a high presence of essential oils, the same aromatic benefits and pleasures can also be enjoyed.