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Why, when and what of beard oil

Gregory Lally

In our most recent post, we explored what is in our beard oil and why.  In this instalment we ask a more fundamental question - why use beard oil at all?

Facial hair, like your hair on your head, is impacted by the internal and external factors that we come into contact with in every day. Cold, heat, humidity, air conditioning, city smog, sweat as well as natural oils of our skin and our diet can all leave your hair follicles in need of some T.L.C.

Given these similarities, beard oil works in much the same way as conditioner. It moisturises, hydrates and soften hair from root to tip and moisturises the surrounding skin to support the function of our skin's natural oils – contributing to a better looking and feeling facial hair and minimising the risk of skin irritation. 

Regardless of the length of your facial hair, there are a number of significant benefits in regularly using natural essential oils to care for your facial hair.

We encourage you to read our detailed previous post that breaks down each ingredient in our signature beard oil blend.  There are eight key benefits that you can expect when using our beard oil as part of your facial hair care regime:

√ Styling agent
√ Tames frizz
√ Eliminates dry skin
√ Improves overall appearance
√ Anti-ageing properties
√ Antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties
√ Stimulates hair growth
√ Heals skim ailment


For the best results, we suggest applying beard oil on clean facial hair immediately after showering or cleansing. It is then that the pores of the skin are opened and are the most receptive to penetration. Infamous Gentleman’s blend has been designed to deliver benefits from just eight to ten drops messaged by hand through your facial hair. Once the oil has been applied, hair can be styled and shaped with ease to achieve the desired look.

Essential oils and fragrance are often added to beard oil in order to enhance its scent. Essential oils are created through the steam distillation of pure plant extracts and are used for aromatic therapies and to provide scent. In contrast, fragrance oils are synthetically made chemical compounds and whilst used to provide scent, have no added health benefits and can often prove problematic as it can create dry, irritable hair and skin.  For this reason it is important to make sure the oil you are using is an all-natural product

All natural scents are created from essential oils, absolutes and extracts. The addition of other naturally occurring compounds can enhance their function. In concentrated form, these natural elements are usually very strong and can cause skin irritation when they are not appropriately paired with carrier blends such as argan, jojoba, wheat germ, coconut, sweet almond and avocado. You will find a perfectly balanced pair of scent and carrier blend in each and every bottle of the IG signature blend.