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Why can't I grow a beard?

Gregory Lally

An age-old question posed by many generations - why can’t I grow a beard?

The team at Infamous Gentleman receive a number of queries regarding the challenges faced by many in growing a full beard or for this matter, facial hair at all. This article puts the spotlight on science to help answer this commonly asked question.

Put simply, the ability to grow a facial hair is ultimately determined by your genetics and sadly, if you’re unable to grow a beard, there isn’t a quick fix. One’s ability to grow facial hair is dictated by a chemical called dihydrotestosterone (abbreviated, DHT). DHT is synthesized from testosterone and is responsible for the development of sexual characteristics, specifically the induction of beard growth. Oddly enough, it actually determines both hair growth and loss. As DHT is an altered, more dynamic form of testosterone, when transformed it has more potent effects than testosterone itself. Basically, the more sensitive your body is to testosterone, the more abundant your beard will grow and vice versa.

Essentially, the body’s gene expression will determine which path you will follow. This is primarily governed by the number of androgen receptors in the skin, to which the DHT can bind itself to. In the instance you have a plentiful amount of androgen receptors on the facial region; you will be blessed with an abundant beard. In the instance you have a comparative amount in the scalp, DHT can induce baldness.

The age-old question solved – it’s all about your genetic make-up which ultimately dictates whether you will prosper with hair growth or combat the struggles of many unfortunate others.